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Talent Market Research
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KGTiger defines, gathers, analyzes, and distributes information about competitors, talent source pools, and virtually any aspect of the talent market environment. Encompassing both competitive intelligence and business intelligence, research supports effective talent acquisition strategic and tactical decision making.

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Talent and Organizational Mapping

Identifies talent for a specific company of interest within a selected operational grouping. Along with delivering a hierarchical presentation of the targeted organization, complete verified contact information may also be included.

Org Chart Example

Organizational Chart Example

Compensation/Salary Research

Current competitive salary information is rapidly compiled and reported. Using empirical data or collected via survey, results of this research prove invaluable when building compensation strategies.

Salary Report Example

Selection criteria:

  • Typical titles
  • Industries & companies

  • Geographic limits & priorities
  • Output format/Optional comparisons
Salary Research Example

Source Pool Intelligence

With access to desired talent becoming more challenging, Source Pool Intelligence Research offers an objective view to create or support talent sourcing strategies. In-house recruiting organizations are provided with business intelligence regarding availability of talent critical to their operations. It evaluates a client’s existing talent pools and explores opportunities to develop new and alternative sources as well as.

KGTiger proprietary Source Pool Intelligence Research and Reporting system. SPINTEL uses a highly flexible process to deliver invaluable intelligence in support of a company’s most critical roles and positions.

Custom Research

Project based service that is available to answer the big talent acquisitions questions with research. Using research best practices, teams are built to assess need, strategize a solution, develop the project plan, execute, and manage the plan to a successful conclusion.

Custom TMR Example

Custom Research Example

Company Intelligence

Gathers, tracks, and reports strategically pertinent information and insights regarding a specific company or organization. Assignments range from quick competitive overviews from web sources to deep detailed intelligence collection including interviewing and surveys.

Periodical Scan

Periodicals offer a reservoir of valuable intelligence for talent acquisition organizations. Selected periodicals can be regularly scanned for information of interest. Supported by intelligent key phrase search, information of current interest is rapidly extracted and verified. Contact information is obtained and reported for relevant competitor employee names collected during these scans.