Recruiting Process Support for In-House Recruitment

Research-Source Pool Intelligence (SPINTEL)

Recruitment Research

Source  Pool  INTELigence


With access to desired talent becoming more challenging, SPINTEL Research offers an objective view to create or support talent sourcing strategies. In-house recruiting organizations are provided with business intelligence regarding availability of talent critical to their operations. It explores opportunities to develop new and alternative pools as well as evaluating existing sources.


  • Custom white paper analysis of talent pools within select geographies
  • Presents comparative statistics and charts describing talent pool locations and size
  • Provides sortable data tables with hyperlinks to information sources
  • Includes representative names research to support development of sourcing plans

Talent Market Report

TMR Report Cover

White Paper
Based on extensive research for specific skills and titles in select geographic locations, this “White Paper” answers key talent questions such as where and how many. New and alternative sources for requisite talent are extensively explored, evaluated, and reported.

TMR Report Cover

Research data
Decision-making support is compiled and presented in easy to read tables. For each talent pool, multiple names generation techniques are tested and results offered in a detailed ranked report.

TMR Report Cover
Charts, graphs, and narrative
Offers detailed facts about each source pool:

  • Competitors
  • Non-traditional Sources
  • Associations/Societies
  • Conferences
  • Academia
  • Publications
  • Movers & Shakers
  • Job Boards
TMR Report Cover

Results, ranking and evaluation
Presented for each talent pool, observations including limitations and opportunities, barriers and challenges, evaluative summary and strategy recommendations.


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