Recruiting Process Support for In-House Recruitment


Recruitment Research

One of the most critical factors of a successful recruiting organization is access to quality information.
KGTiger Research by phone and Web

KGTiger delivers valuable and actionable business intelligence
to support the recruitment process and other operational needs.

Recruiting Support Research

Delivers vital information in support of an efficient requisition based recruiting process.

Examples of research include name generation, ideal target listing, sourcing resumes, and compiling candidate profiles

Competitive Intelligence Research

In support of both strategic and tactical decision making, KGTiger defines, gathers, analyzes, and distributes information about competitors, other possible sources of candidates, and any aspect of the competitive environment.

Examples include talent mapping, competitor tracking, and compensation intelligence

Operations Based Research

Answers important questions that support the organizational decision making and growth. Typical assignments vary from a quick web look-up to a major project involving data collection, surveys, interviews, analysis, and extensive reporting.

Examples include searching best practices, targeted industry scans, and topical subjects

Talent Market Research

With access to desired talent becoming more challenging, Talent Market Research offers an objective view to create or support talent sourcing strategies. Corporate recruiting organizations are provided with business intelligence regarding availability of talent critical to their operations. It explores opportunities to develop new and alternative pools as well as evaluating existing sources.

Examples of areas researched include salaries, talent intelligence, and source pool intelligence

KGTiger proprietary Source Pool Intelligence Research and Reporting system. SPINTEL uses a highly flexible process to deliver invaluable intelligence in support of a company’s most critical roles and positions.

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