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Operations Based Research
Recruitment Research


KGTiger Operations Based Research supports well-informed organizational decisions based on answering key questions with timely, accurate, and relevant information.

In today’s information age the problem for talent acquisition leaders is not lack of available information but rather too much. Unless it is extracted, analyzed, and condensed to fit particular needs it serves no value. KGTiger Research is a great cost effective way to rapidly collect, analyze, and report important information to support immediate and long-term management decisions.

Research assignments come in every form imaginable. It starts with a management question, from which the research team builds a project. Data collection may include facts acquired from the internet as well as information compiled from surveys, interviews, and inquiries.

This assures access to both objective and subjective information and offer full dimension to the research results.

Typical Categories of Assignments

  • Compile best practices to support internal process improvements
  • Study industry performance for benchmarking
  • Find best publications regarding specific topic
  • Internal surveys to measure satisfaction and uncover issues
  • Vendor selection including backgrounds, profiles, and capabilities
  • Improve hiring manager relationships with valuable industry insights
  • Best pricing and product availability
  • Determine best conferences and seminars covering subject
  • Monitor niche industry and analyze and emulate key strategies which could help in its operations