Recruiting Process Support for In-House Recruitment


Recruitment Research

What is “Research”?

Process of collecting and analyzing information to increase understanding of a topic or issue.

Talent Acquisition Research:

Research specifically related to Talent Acquisition topics and issues including recruiting process, operations, competitive intelligence, talent intelligence, and the talent market.

Recruitment vs. TA Research:

Recruitment research is a sub-function of Talent Acquisition research.

Topics and issues researched relate specifically to the requisition based recruiting process. Examples of some topics and issues typically supported include identifying prospective candidates, building ideal target lists of industries, companies, and titles, sourcing matching resumes, compiling candidate profiles, determining talent pool characteristics, and more.

What are the methods of research?

Information Collection:

Gathering and qualification of relevant data and facts.
Performed by observation using both web and phone as sources.

Qualitative Research:

Uses research tools like interviews, surveys, and observations to compile and analyze input to explain and understand a particular situation.

Quantative Research:

Uses numerical and statistical measurements to explain causes of change.