Recruiting Process Support for In-House Recruitment


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Use it strategically
In-house recruitment can now afford full-time continuous support thereby enabling access to desired change, optimization, and transformation.
Use it tactically
Use it as an extension of your staff to fix specific problems or supplement in-house recruiting workflow as the needs may ebb and flow over time.
Use it transactionally
Now even available in an on-demand basis where quality help is delivered on an hourly basis.
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Select a starting level of support and scale up, or down, as required. Using the "crawl-walk-run" strategy, clients choose where to start and evolve at their own pace.
Clients engage our services in many different ways to resolve problems and to achieve their goals and objectives. Engagements range from use of some on-demand hours to an organization-wide strategic implementation.
Environments Supported
Support is offered to in-house recruitment operations (corporations, non-profit, hospitals, government, etc.) where talent acquisition/recruiting is performed to support internal needs rather than the commercial support of others.
KGTiger has the experience and is configurable to support any of the following:
  • Very large and multi-national talent acquisition organization
  • Medium and large recruiting group
  • Small recruiting unit (even with one part timer!)
  • Recruiting perform by HR (no “recruiting” specialists)
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Why not do this in-house?
  1. Higher impact tasks and activities are always available for in-house staff
  2. Resources are highly effective in non-core tasks because they specialize
  3. KGTiger can direct source from competitors for you