Recruiting Process Support for In-House Recruitment

EC-Best Practices

Exclusive Contingency (EC)
Best Practices Model

To win the war for talent the client and vendor must work collaboratively using a strategy that treats top talent like a perishable product that is always in high-demand.
Adhering to these best practices has consistently shown results far superior to those achieved using other means. Our process works best when everyone, client, candidate, and KGTiger, communicates in a timely and effective manner throughout the recruitment process.

KGTiger actions...
  1. Appoints an individual to serve as a single point of contact for each assignment
  2. Assigns personnel dedicated to filling each assigned position
  3. Obtains deep understanding of your organization including brand, culture, and expectations
  4. Applies client specific, rather than generic, information wherever possible
  5. Develops the sourcing specification and plan (from client input)
  6. Sources, screens, documents, presents, and manages candidates (including passive candidates)
  7. Presents fully vetted* and documented candidates
  8. Shares acquired and relevant business intelligence to support development of effective acquisition strategies
  9. Arranges and confirms interviews, both verbally and in-writing. Obtains and shares feedback promptly
  10. Supports offer process with due consideration to the needs of both parties
  11. Files weekly reports and holds regular status calls
  12. Supports collaborative partnership by being responsive, sharing potential opportunities, and respecting feedback
* vetted for skills, qualifications, experience, compensation, current situation, interest, and expectations

Client actions...
  1. Documents and shares a clear and specific profile of candidate suitability
  2. Maintains an appropriate level of urgency throughout the process
  3. Issues sourcing assignment with timely and complete position information
  4. Holds concall to discuss new position and requirements within 1 day of issuing the assignment
  5. Participates in calibration call within 1 day of receiving profiles
  6. Reviews each candidate submitted; Accepts or rejects with specifics within 24-hours of receipt
  7. Hiring manager accepts or rejects a candidate within 2 days of initial review acceptance
  8. Contacts candidate within 2 days of manager acceptance
  9. Reports status changes for submitted candidates within 1 day of the occurrence
  10. Offers specific feedback for all candidates removed from consideration within 1 day of drop-off
  11. Actively participates in regular status calls by giving feedback and direction
  12. Hiring managers are accessible and effectively executes their process responsibilities in a timely manner