Recruiting Process Support for In-House Recruitment

Direct Sourcing-Req Support

Requisition Support
Direct Sourcing PLUS


Retained professional service using proactive sourcing techniques to identify and qualify candidates in support of immediate recruiting needs. Pre-screened for matching skills, qualifications, experience, interest, and affordability, sourced candidates are thoroughly documented, presented, and subsequently managed as directed by the client. Multiple resources are assigned to collaborate with one or more client staff members to support their open requisitions. Serving as virtual full-time employees, they are an extension of your operation rather than a competing source of candidates.

Production Team

Core production services are delivered by one or more Direct Sourcing Units (DSU). Each DSU includes a full-time professional Sourcer and related process support (research, reporting, social media networking, data entry, transcription, and other clerical duties) to assure the Sourcer’s phone and analysis time is maximized.

DSU includes Sourcer and process support

Direct Sourcing Unit (DSU)
Average time to present a qualified
and interested passive candidate
is less than 7 days!”

DSU includes Sourcer and process support


Production Manager and an Industry experienced Engagement Leader are assigned to assure on-going quality, expectations are accommodated, and unbeatable value realized.

Waiting to be interviewed

DSU Operation

Engagements are not requisition specific allowing the service’s bandwidth to be used as required. Works client hours or the hours coinciding with targeted candidates. Expects regular interaction, goals setting, sharing of needs and plans, and rendering of thorough feedback. Workload capacity meets or exceeds industry standards for same level of staffing and assignments.


Clear Expectations and Requirements

“CLEAR” is a KGTiger proprietary process for managing the requirements and expectations of each sourcing assignment. Specifically engineered for the front-end process where requirements for sourcing are quite different from later phases such as during interviewing and hiring. Built for speed and quality as it makes delivering fully qualified candidates nearly foolproof!

Finding Prospects

Numerous channels are regularly and simultaneously worked to find qualified suspects. Along with “finding”, KGTiger builds networks by promoting positions to people who are not necessarily looking to make a change. Effective messaging and collateral are leveraged to build talent networks in support of rapidly filling open requisition assignments.

Recruiting Research Social Media Attraction Marketing Referral gathering
Research Guys Social Media Icon Research Guys Referral Icon
Phone & internet based talent pool evaluation and names generation Network, research and find candidates using many social media sites Develop and distribute messaging to pull in matching candidates Highly effective techniques to network in on the right talent quickly

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