Recruiting Process Support for In-House Recruitment

Direct Sourcing-Engagement

Direct Sourcing PLUS


Core production services are delivered by one or more of the following:

Picture of sourcer on phone

Sourcing Seat

Bandwidth of 8 hours is allocated in equal proportion throughout each work day (similar to an FTE). Different experts will take turns occupying the “seat” to perform their functional specialty. The functions include research, attraction marketing, candidate outreach and qualifying, documentation, reporting, clerical, and follow-up. With this model, you receive full-time Sourcing with tasks delegated to individuals that excel at the different required functions!

Ideally suited for sourcing active candidates and/or expand a Direct Sourcing Unit’s capacity

Direct Sourcing Unit (DSU)

DSU includes Sourcer and process support

Each DSU includes a full-time dedicated Sourcer and related process support (research, reporting, social media networking, attraction marketing, data entry, transcription, and other clerical duties). With this model the Sourcer’s phone and analysis time at least doubles as layers of process support assures the unit operates at top efficiency.

Ideally suited to approach passive candidates

Environments Supported

Support is offered to in-house recruitment operations (corporations, non-profit, hospitals, government, etc.) where talent acquisition/recruiting is performed to support internal needs rather than the commercial support of others.

Picture of researcher

KGTiger has the experience and is configurable to support any of the following:

  • Very large and multi-national talent acquisition organization
  • Medium and large recruiting group
  • Small recruiting unit (even with one part timer!)
  • Recruiting perform by HR (no “recruiting” specialists)


Select a starting level of support and scale up, or down, as required. Using the “crawl-walk-run” strategy, clients choose where to start and evolve at their own pace. Clients engage our services in many different ways to resolve problems and to achieve their goals and objectives.

Getting Engaged

It’s all quite “turnkey” to launch a KGTiger engagement. All installation and process support to affect a successful implementation is included. It starts with a short master services agreement and then you can engage one or more Sourcing Seats and DSUs. Steps to launching a new engagement assignment:

  • Hold kick-off meeting (introductions, share key information, set expectations)
  • Gather, evaluate, and document requirements for initial positions to be sourced
  • Calibrate requirements with KG supplied sample profiles and resumes
  • Perform talent market research to support sourcing strategy
  • Write Sourcing Plan to include effective targeting, messaging, timelines, and priorities
  • Establish project management including reporting, file storage, status meetings, and support
Why not do this in-house?
  • Higher impact tasks and activities are always available for in-house staff
  • In-house recruiters are too busy and have far too many unplanned interruptions
  • KGTiger will solely focus on direct sourcing candidates from competitors for you