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About Us
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Quick Facts

  • Delaware Corporation
  • Founded in 2003
  • Provides services worldwide
  • Operates 24/7
  • Highly scalable

KGTiger solutions support the front-end of the talent management process by integrating advanced processes and software tools with an effective balance of on and off-shore staff. Service capabilities include proactive sourcing of competitive talent, candidate development, talent pipelining, recruitment research, and end-to-end workflow support.

As a proven means of streamlining the recruiting process, clients report their recruiters now spend more time with their clients and with the right candidates. KGTiger offers a breakthrough opportunity to accelerate productivity and delight clients.

KGTIger is a service utility designed to emulate the best of third party operational processes to the benefit of Talent Acquisition. Now the competitive advantage can be brought in-house!

Depending on client need and priority, any mix of the solution components may be installed. As more components are more deeply assimilated into the recruitment workflow, an advanced optimization results thus allowing the opportunity for real organizational transformation.

Bringing the External
Recruiting Advantage In-House

Direct Sourcing
Talent Pipelining
Business Intelligence
Workflow Support
Operational Metrics
Our Experience

You’ll find KGTiger highly professional, yet surprisingly affordable. Serving as an extension of your operation, team members take direction from you and work your business hours.

Additional highlights:

•  Quick and simple engagement and implementation
•  Team assignments are client controlled
•  Support by experienced Talent Acquisition and process professionals
•  Extensive reporting with all data regularly shared
•  Flexible pricing plans and pilot programs are available

We’ll help you leverage KGTiger into your competitive advantage.

Some Clients We’ve Supported

Logos of some of the clients served

Our Mission

Raise the value of talent acquisition by transforming the in-house recruitment process.

In support of this mission, the company is committed to…

  • Continually adding value and improving client productivity
  • Winning new business based on client endorsement and referrals
  • Maximizing ROI (for all parties)
  • Being the industry leader for in-house recruitment transformation


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