Recruiting Process Support for In-House Recruitment


Types of Service*
General Support:   Includes all recruiting process support functions except Advanced Sourcing.
Research, database support, analysis, reporting, compliance, phone-based support, clerical, and active candidate sourcing services are used based on each client assignment.
Advanced Sourcing:   Direct sourcing and/or talent pipelining.
Effective processes are executed by a phone-based Sourcer. Process support (research, reporting, social media networking, data entry, transcription, and other clerical duties) is included to assure Sourcer's phone time is maximized.
Units of Service
How each type of service is configured into purchasable units with each group offing one strategic and one tactical option.
General Support
  General Support Units (GSU):
Engaged on a full-time basis, each unit includes eight hours of support per day per unit. Therefore, purchase of 2 GS units offers a daily bandwidth of 16 hours, 4 offers 32 hours, etc.
Each unit is like having one dedicated recruiting process support specialist serve as an FTE.
  On-demand (KOD):
Sold in blocks of hours and used for support in an on-demand manner.
Hours are banked by the client and utilized as needed.
Configuring Units
Advanced Sourcing
  Advanced Sourcing Units (ASU):
Includes a Sourcer with required allotment of research and administrative support.
Therefore, purchase of 2 AS Units delivers 2 full-time Sourcers, each with their own support.
Each unit is like having one fully-supported Sourcer serve as an FTE.
  Exclusive Contingency (EC):
Select a project and exclusively assign it to KGTiger EC for a limited time. Using a proven search process, your assigned team will fully commit to your project with a single point of contact assuring you save time and hassle.
Performed as a retained search process but is compensated like contingency.
* All work assignments are at client discretion.
Configuring Units